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Ephesians 3:20 (HisLove:revealed)


During this walk with Christ I’ve had a few “AHA” moments.

Moments where I’ve read a scripture and thought “oh yeah…that makes sense.”

Times I’ve heard a message and literally laughed out loud thinking, “DUH!!!! I get it now”.

But most recently I’ve been transformed by a bible study featuring Priscilla Shirer.

So much so, that I stopped going to the bible study when her 2 weeks were up and they moved on to another speaker.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all the women who taught in this particular series, and I actually tend to gravitate towards the way this other woman of God teaches.

But I was enthralled with the revelation God gave Priscilla Shirer.

It was more than an AHA moment. It was brighter than a “light” coming on.

It was more like an earthquake….the kind that shakes the whole house, and brings pictures frames and cherished china crashing to the the ground.

The way the Lord spoke to me through her was life-changing.

The teaching was centered around a verse that I not only know well but love dearly; Ephesians 3:20

Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

It would take much more than a blog post to explain to you in detail how she broke this scripture down into intricate pieces. But the part that seemed to have a flashing neon light surrounding it was exceeding abundantly.

Really? EXCEEDING? ABUNDANTLY? Like way past more….way past bigger…way past great….just so huge and magnificent beyond what I ask or think.

Needless to say, my heart & spirit really let this word sink in and when I laid my requests before God they were no longer tossed down with fear or hesitance. I came boldly before his throne TRUSTING that He was able to do more than I was asking.

And that’s JUST what He did.

We’d been having car trouble. The last year 1/2 of our life included selling alot of things in order to move to California (where we don’t live anymore. Another story for another day) which included selling my car, giving up our home, and positions in our local church. When things didn’t work out in Cali (oh boy, what a story) we moved back with less than half of what we gave up to move there. So to have ONE car when were used to two, and for that ONE car to be breaking down was such a heavy burden. So we prayed fervently for God to bless us with the finances to get our car fixed.

Well friends….today I drove our “exceeding abundantly” new car while running errands.

God didn’t give us what we asked for…he gave us MORE.

It wasn’t our credit that did it (trust me. ha)

It wasn’t our sweet talking (although my husband is quite the charmer)

It was simply GOD.

AHA! DUH! OH YEAH THAT MAKES SENSE!!! All these moments in one.

HIS WORD IS ALIVE and when put into action IT WILL NOT RETURN VOID!!!!

This serves as a marker in my walk with the God.

His love revealed…through the tangible manifestation of Ephesians 3;20


Gary the Stranger : (HisLoveRevealed)


Today began like any normal Thursday.

My husband’s alarm went off at least 4 times before he actually rolled out of bed.

I started a load of laundry before waking the kiddos up and getting them dressed for the day.

After Mr. B went to work, and the children were playing quietly; I went upstairs to finish getting ready for work.

While combing my hair I looked at myself in the mirror, and began to pray.

There were a few things heavy on heart, and I found myself on the verge of tears for the first time in over 2 weeks.  I felt WORRY.

Worry is something that used to wake me from my sleep, and tuck me in at night.

But somehow as I’ve been thoroughly digesting Ephesians, the Word began to take root. I confessed the same scriptures daily in attack against the worry and fear that had consumed me, and day by day…there was less worry…less fear…then none.

It was odd to feel worry creep on me this morning.

I whispered….”Help me Lord. Help me trust you today. Show me that you are with me. Help me to trust you.”

I quickly got myself  together and ventured on to work.

After work we stopped by the grocery store. Both children were visibly in need of a nap and it was a struggle just to get them to the car.

I unlocked the car and intended to put Miss One in her seat when a man stopped his task of pushing carts back into the store and begin to help me load my groceries.

Just as I was walking around to get into the car he said, “Young lady, let me get the door for you. ”

There was something in his crystal blue eyes, scruffy beard, and gentle smile that caused me to take notice.

“Sir….what’s your name?”


I looked Gary right in the eye until my stare demanded his attention.

Slowly he met my gaze ….and I said, “Gary…..God loves you. And because you were willing to help me today, I command the blessing of the Lord to be upon you. ”

As his eyes filled with tears…I slid into my car and began to pray for Gary.

It was while I was praying that I realized God heard my prayer this morning.

Gary was there for me……at that particular grocery store that I never go to …because its completely out of the way.

Gary didn’t mean to, but He revealed Gods love to me through his kindness.

And in turn, God spoke through me to let Gary know that he matters & he’s loved.

What a joy to know this kind of love…..that never stops giving.

Folding Boxers (His Love Revealed)


Lightly scented dryer sheets.

The faint residue of fresh linen laundry detergent.

A bit of static.

A few fuzzy pieces of annoying lint.

I sorted out his clothes ; work shirts, casual shirts, socks.

As I I began to fold his boxers a tear trickled down my face.

While I was sorting and pulling lint off of clothes it hit me.

I love this man.

I love him down to the fabric of his clothes.

I know him better than I thought I did.

I know the scent of his skin.

I know the smirk of his grin.

I know when his eyes are hiding words he can’t find the strength to utter.

I know when his heart has been swept by the love of the Holy Spirit.

I know his touch.

I know his kiss.

I know this man, and I know the God who made him.

As I was folding my husband’s boxers today; I prayed for him.

I prayed so hard I could barely catch my breath.

I prayed until I felt faint.

I prayed until it hurt.

I prayed until I felt God heard me.

I prayed until I could see him through the eyes of Jesus.

And as I place his shirts , boxers, and socks neatly in a drawer and prepare to go to work, I count it an honor to call him mine.

today God revealed His love by revealing my husband to me ….through the eyes of Jesus.

What’s the score ?


I have always been a master at score-keeping.

In high school I chose to stop playing on the girls basketball team and become the official statistician. My coach and my parents were surprised at my decision since it looked like I’d be offered athletic scholarships to play at a few smaller colleges. But I’d lost my passion for playing basketball, and preferred to watch it. I created a well running system in which to keep not only the stats, but creatively record background information about each game, each player, and their strengths as a player.

When it comes to board games my family and friends usually hand over the notepad and paper for me to keep score. From Payday to Rummy 500; I just love keeping a tally and watching every intricate move to make sure every player is following the rules and receiving the proper credit for playing according to those rules.

Apparently I’m the master score keeper in my marriage as well. I can remember every time my husband hurt me. I can remember every time he left my car with  less than a half tank of gas. I can remember every time he was tired after a long day at work, and said something rude to me. I can remember every time he made a promise and couldn’t follow through. I don’t forget.

The problem with this is every time I tally up the scores to see who’s in the lead; who’s doing a better ‘job” at being a spouse; who’s sacrificing more, or who’s to “blame” for any rough patches, I am not only undermining the power of God’s love, but I am literally demonstrating the opposite of God’s character.

1 Corinthians 13 says :

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Hmmm…did you notice the part that read it keeps no record of wrongs.


Since God IS Love; this scripture lists in great detail what an expression of His love looks like.

His love isn’t “I told you so”.

His love isn’t “Remember when you did…”

His love isn’t tit for tat , and holding over the head.

It’s grace. It’s forgiveness. It covers.

So for valentine’s Day, hubby and I didn’t give each other tangible, perishable gifts.

We gave each other God’s word.

I’m hanging up my job as statistician and asking the Lord for a heart that freely forgives; even when the gas is left under half a tank.

Because I LOVE my husband.

That’s all.