Folding Boxers (His Love Revealed)


Lightly scented dryer sheets.

The faint residue of fresh linen laundry detergent.

A bit of static.

A few fuzzy pieces of annoying lint.

I sorted out his clothes ; work shirts, casual shirts, socks.

As I I began to fold his boxers a tear trickled down my face.

While I was sorting and pulling lint off of clothes it hit me.

I love this man.

I love him down to the fabric of his clothes.

I know him better than I thought I did.

I know the scent of his skin.

I know the smirk of his grin.

I know when his eyes are hiding words he can’t find the strength to utter.

I know when his heart has been swept by the love of the Holy Spirit.

I know his touch.

I know his kiss.

I know this man, and I know the God who made him.

As I was folding my husband’s boxers today; I prayed for him.

I prayed so hard I could barely catch my breath.

I prayed until I felt faint.

I prayed until it hurt.

I prayed until I felt God heard me.

I prayed until I could see him through the eyes of Jesus.

And as I place his shirts , boxers, and socks neatly in a drawer and prepare to go to work, I count it an honor to call him mine.

today God revealed His love by revealing my husband to me ….through the eyes of Jesus.


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  1. wow. i love this. I just found your blog from lauren’s (and her ‘thankful’ post) and can’t stop reading. the things you are learning from God are awesome and I’m thankful for your vulnerability in this. I just got married 2 months ago and I feel like as much as I love my husband, it’s only a fraction of this. I hope our love continues to grow and I can experience this same thing every day.

  2. Hi Kelly!
    God is teaching me so much…particularly through my marriage. My husband and I have endured some difficult trials over the last 18 months & at times it has taken a toll on our marriage. It is the grace of God and His unfailing love that has been the glue that holds us together. We are growing in our marriage and some of that growth has come from enduring the hard times instead of throwing in the towel. Marriage is work, but it has such great reward. So glad you stopped by. Blessings!

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