Gary the Stranger : (HisLoveRevealed)


Today began like any normal Thursday.

My husband’s alarm went off at least 4 times before he actually rolled out of bed.

I started a load of laundry before waking the kiddos up and getting them dressed for the day.

After Mr. B went to work, and the children were playing quietly; I went upstairs to finish getting ready for work.

While combing my hair I looked at myself in the mirror, and began to pray.

There were a few things heavy on heart, and I found myself on the verge of tears for the first time in over 2 weeks.  I felt WORRY.

Worry is something that used to wake me from my sleep, and tuck me in at night.

But somehow as I’ve been thoroughly digesting Ephesians, the Word began to take root. I confessed the same scriptures daily in attack against the worry and fear that had consumed me, and day by day…there was less worry…less fear…then none.

It was odd to feel worry creep on me this morning.

I whispered….”Help me Lord. Help me trust you today. Show me that you are with me. Help me to trust you.”

I quickly got myself  together and ventured on to work.

After work we stopped by the grocery store. Both children were visibly in need of a nap and it was a struggle just to get them to the car.

I unlocked the car and intended to put Miss One in her seat when a man stopped his task of pushing carts back into the store and begin to help me load my groceries.

Just as I was walking around to get into the car he said, “Young lady, let me get the door for you. ”

There was something in his crystal blue eyes, scruffy beard, and gentle smile that caused me to take notice.

“Sir….what’s your name?”


I looked Gary right in the eye until my stare demanded his attention.

Slowly he met my gaze ….and I said, “Gary…..God loves you. And because you were willing to help me today, I command the blessing of the Lord to be upon you. ”

As his eyes filled with tears…I slid into my car and began to pray for Gary.

It was while I was praying that I realized God heard my prayer this morning.

Gary was there for me……at that particular grocery store that I never go to …because its completely out of the way.

Gary didn’t mean to, but He revealed Gods love to me through his kindness.

And in turn, God spoke through me to let Gary know that he matters & he’s loved.

What a joy to know this kind of love…..that never stops giving.


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