Ephesians 3:20 (HisLove:revealed)


During this walk with Christ I’ve had a few “AHA” moments.

Moments where I’ve read a scripture and thought “oh yeah…that makes sense.”

Times I’ve heard a message and literally laughed out loud thinking, “DUH!!!! I get it now”.

But most recently I’ve been transformed by a bible study featuring Priscilla Shirer.

So much so, that I stopped going to the bible study when her 2 weeks were up and they moved on to another speaker.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate all the women who taught in this particular series, and I actually tend to gravitate towards the way this other woman of God teaches.

But I was enthralled with the revelation God gave Priscilla Shirer.

It was more than an AHA moment. It was brighter than a “light” coming on.

It was more like an earthquake….the kind that shakes the whole house, and brings pictures frames and cherished china crashing to the the ground.

The way the Lord spoke to me through her was life-changing.

The teaching was centered around a verse that I not only know well but love dearly; Ephesians 3:20

Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us,

It would take much more than a blog post to explain to you in detail how she broke this scripture down into intricate pieces. But the part that seemed to have a flashing neon light surrounding it was exceeding abundantly.

Really? EXCEEDING? ABUNDANTLY? Like way past more….way past bigger…way past great….just so huge and magnificent beyond what I ask or think.

Needless to say, my heart & spirit really let this word sink in and when I laid my requests before God they were no longer tossed down with fear or hesitance. I came boldly before his throne TRUSTING that He was able to do more than I was asking.

And that’s JUST what He did.

We’d been having car trouble. The last year 1/2 of our life included selling alot of things in order to move to California (where we don’t live anymore. Another story for another day) which included selling my car, giving up our home, and positions in our local church. When things didn’t work out in Cali (oh boy, what a story) we moved back with less than half of what we gave up to move there. So to have ONE car when were used to two, and for that ONE car to be breaking down was such a heavy burden. So we prayed fervently for God to bless us with the finances to get our car fixed.

Well friends….today I drove our “exceeding abundantly” new car while running errands.

God didn’t give us what we asked for…he gave us MORE.

It wasn’t our credit that did it (trust me. ha)

It wasn’t our sweet talking (although my husband is quite the charmer)

It was simply GOD.

AHA! DUH! OH YEAH THAT MAKES SENSE!!! All these moments in one.

HIS WORD IS ALIVE and when put into action IT WILL NOT RETURN VOID!!!!

This serves as a marker in my walk with the God.

His love revealed…through the tangible manifestation of Ephesians 3;20


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