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CHERISHED {hislove:revealed}


I’m an avid reader.

I’ve been known to spend a day off from work at the bookstore or in bed with a pile of books sitting next to me.

The stories, the characters, the scenery…..I gravitate to the detail and get lost.

Until last year, I kept my distance from “Christian fiction”.

Watered down plots and emotions.

One dimensional characters.

Unrealistic situations.

I was bored with Christian fiction…..that is …until I came across Heavenly Places by Kim Cash Tate.

Her ability to bring LIFE to her characters won me over and I fell in love with her style of writing.

Here’s a quick review of her most recent book CHERISHED

Without indulging too many details about the storyline of the book; I have to say that this book spoke to the songwriter, worship leader, wife, and lover of Christ in me. In life we all endure many trials & failures on our way to fulfilling God’s plan for our life.
Kim Cash Tate finds a way to bring these varied characters life in this story of old hurts, deep sins, and forgotten dreams ; as they each realize that even in the midst of their “mess” , God still loves each of them.

Marriage, ministry, friendship and redemption collide in this realistic story. The reader is certain to feel challenged, encouraged, and cherished after reading and watching how God’s love is revealed to each character.

As usual; Kim Cash delivered a riveting read, and I look forward to the next book!

**This book was given to me as a part of the Book Sneeze program. I received no compensation and these thoughts are my own**